The Dog App, VOFFii

VOFFii is a social app for dog lovers, which gathers everything related to dogs in one place. Here you can easily find new friends for both you and your dog – near you.

We have a search and match function for both dogs, dog owners and those who work with dogs. With just a few keystrokes, you can find what you need close to where you are.

We have a health record where you can store all important information about your dog.

We have lots of free tips and training videos that are easy to use.

The Dog Map is coming soon, where you can track trips, invite to trips, and take part in fun activities and competitions.

The app is completely free, and no hidden subscriptions.


More socialization and more enjoyable everyday life for you and your dog!

VOFFii App


You simply download the app from the Appstore or Google Play. It's free!

Less loneliness - Find friends!

Find new friends that suit both you and your dog – nearby

chatt With Friends

Chat and share photos in feed with other dog lovers. See cute dog pictures.

participate in Activities and competitionsr

VOFFii will contribute to a more social, fun and active everyday life for everyone with a dog

Stories from VOFFii

I needed a permanent dog sitter and dog walker who can go for a few walks when I have an unexpectedly long day at work. Thank you VOFFii- who helped me find the perfect dog sitter, right in the neighborhood!​

Geir, and his dog Birk, Cobberdog

We were just going for a walk really, to socialize our dogs. These trips became more and more frequent, because it seemed like a good match between us too!

Siri and Alf. Dogowners of Karma og Shepard, both hunting labrador

I live a bit out of the way, but thanks to the app, I found a course that is held not too far from where I live. Very happy with both the app and course instructor by the way!

Camilla, owner of Bully, dachshund

How to use the VOFFii app?

The app is suitable for everyone, both you as a dog owner and for you who work professionally with dogs. The app is free and easily downloaded from the Appstore and Google Play.

The app is designed so that you can search for categories within both dog and people, and enter the kilometer from where you want to meet. Location filter will not show your exact location.

The app is in constant development, and will get more functions over time. For now all functions for you as a dog owner in the app are free.

The app has been created so that everyone with the same interest in dogs can easily find each other in their area. The app is suitable for everyone, and you choose yourself who you want to befriend, share photos with and chat with. We hope to contribute to more socializing and a better everyday life for you and your dog!

We believe that you can more easily find what you need within the theme dogs, when everything is gathered in one place, than searching and looking around on many different platforms. It is more fun to share experiences with others. In the app, you will be able to use our health record for dogs, and get lots of tips on training with your dog. 

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