Collaboration with VOFFii

VOFFii is an innovative company. We want to make the biggest and best dog app, while having fun at work!

Influencer, vlogger or blogger?

We want both small and large partners. If you think you have something to offer that is suitable for us, get in touch for a nice chat.

Our ned investor?

We regularly hold pitches and presentations. VOFFii is a promising startup that shows good completion ability and good results.

Working with dogs?

We have a lot of dog owners and dog-interested people in our app. If you work with dogs and want a collaboration, we have different solutions for this. We are launching the Dog Map in the near future. Here everyone who works with dogs can put themselves on the map and gain great visibility. We also write articles about real dog stories in the VOFFii magazine. Get in touch for a non-binding dog talk.

Good ideas for cooperation

We are a forward-looking and innovative company, with big growth plans. If you have a qualification, or something you think might be relevant to us, please get in touch. We are launching a benefit program for our users, and also have viaVOFFii discounts for our app users. We also offer a SET UP shop for those who sell services and products for dogs.

Do you want to join the VOFFii team?

If you are a possible new partner – please get in touch for a nice talk.